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Annual Health Check Ups

Chellaram Diabetes Institute offers customized annual health check up plans for corporations, organizations combining with a lifestyle management program for improved health and wellness.

This type of programs from corporations has been related to better productivity, more attendance at work and a sense of care, concern from the employer.

Investigations Organ / System
Complete Haemogram, ESR Blood
Lipid Profile, Apolipoprotein A1 / B, Lp (a), Homocysteine, High Sensitive CRP, ECG, TMT, 2D ECHO, BMI (Body Mass Index) Heart
X-Ray Chest Lungs
Urine Routine, BUN, Creatinine, Total Proteins, Uric acid, Calcium, Phosphorus, Electrolytes Kidneys & Bladder
USG Abdomen, Stool Routine (for ova, cyst and occult blood) Stomach, Intestines & Rectum
USG Abdomen, Bilirubin, SGOT, SGPT, GGT, Alkaline Phosphatase, T. Proteins / Albumin Liver & Gall Bladder
Blood Sugar-F / PP, Insulin-F/PP Pancreas
Free T3, Free T4, TSH, Blood Sugar Hormonal
Calcium, Phosphorus, Alkaline Phosphatase, Uric Acid Bone/Joints
PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) For males above 50 years Prostate
PAP smear Cervix
Ophthalmology Examination Eye
Body Mass Index (BMI), Blood Sugar-F / PP, Insulin-F / PP, Thyroid Tests and Routine screening tests Obesity