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Name Qualification
Dr. Amrish Bidaye MBBS (BVP, Pune), MRCS (Edinburgh) & FRCS(Edinburgh)
Dr. Ravindra Panse MBBS, D Orth, MS, DNB, MNAMS, Post Doc Certificate in Diabetic Foot
KV Kavita DPS, Bsc(PSY), CDE, MBA(HM)

Advanced Diabetic Foot care Services

The Foot care department at Chellaram Diabetes institute is one of the few Centers in India offering comprehensive foot care facilities through multidisciplinary team approach under one roof. We are equipped with state of the art podiatry services with all sophisticated equipment's for the diagnosis, prevention and management of diabetic foot problems at the early stages.

Our Ambition :

To tackle the problem of diabetic foot in India by education, and treatment, to ultimately prevent the risk of amputation.


Multidisciplinary Diabetic foot team for surgical and preventive podiatry involving

  • Diabetic Foot Surgeon
  • Podiatrist
  • Endocrinologist/Diabetologist/ Physician
  • Diabetes Educator

Comprehensive foot examination and consultation


Comprehensive foot examination and consultation helps in identifying warning signs of neuropathy or preventing the injuries which often go unnoticed due to lack of sensation in the feet


Evaluation for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy


10gms Semmes Weinstein Monofilament: is used to assess the protective sensation in the feet. Inability to perceive 10gm pressure in the feet is indicative of damage to large nerve fiber resulting in neuropathy


128 Hz tuning fork: is used to assess vibration sense in the feet; alteration in the perception indicates the early sign of neuropathy.


Hot and Cold Perception is a specialized machine that helps in detecting the damage to small nerve fiber which leads to impaired hot and cold perception in the feet. Inability to detcet the thermal perception can make the patient at risk of thermal injuries and ulceration.


Biothesiometer is an electrically operated machine which helps in detecting early stage neuropathy by delivering minute but normally detectable vibration in volts/microns to the feet.

Evaluation for Peripheral Vascular Diseases


Ankle Brachial Index is a powerful noninvasive tool in predicting peripheral vascular disease (or decreased blood supply toward the feet).

Plantar Pressure measurement (Foot Scan)


Electronic Baropedometer helps in detecting the abnormal pressure beneath the feet. High platar presssure at weight bearing area is a significant risk factor for ulceration, callus formation. This scan also helps in modifying and designing the appropriate footwear.

Anodyne therapy

Anodyne therapy

Anodyne therapy is a noninvasive well advanced and evolving therapy for the management of painful neuropathy and poor circulation. It can be used along with the pills

Management of Diabetic foot problems

  • Diabetic Foot Surgery
  • Advanced dressing techniques
  • Offloading techniques
  • Foot care education
  • Appropriate glucose management and Metabolic control 
  • Appropriate Antibiotics

Orthotic prescription –Therapeutic and custom made footwear