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Best vs Worst foods for Diabetes


Diabetes is a lifestyle disease which is caused due to increase or decrease in blood sugar. Since it is a non-curable disease one should take care to control it. After a person is detected by diabetes he should always take care of his diet and exercise regularly.

This is a initiative taken by Chellaram Diabetes Institute, Pune to help diabetes patients to choose their food properly. Listed below are 4 best and 4 worst foods for diabetes.

Best 4 foods:
1. Apples:
Apples offer many health advantages, put these at the core of your diet. They are naturally low in calories, yet their high fibre content fills you up, battles bad cholesterol, and blunts blood-sugar swings. Eating whle unpeeled apple definately benefits one to control diabetes. Hence is is rightly said 'An apple a day keeps diseases away.'
2. Brown Rice:
If you are a rice fan and cannot complete your meal without rice, it is suggested to eat brown rice instead of white rice. Brown rice is high in fibre and also stabilizes blood sugar levels which further helps to control diabetes.
3. Carrots:
The type of sugar carrots contain is transformed into blood sugar quickly, the amount of sugar in carrots is very low. That’s good news as carrots are one of nature’s richest sources of beta-carotene, which is linked to a lower risk of diabetes and control blood-sugar better.
4. Avacado:
Avocado slows digestion and helps keep blood sugar from impaling after a meal. A diet high in good fats may even help reverse insulin resistance, which translates to steadier blood sugar long-term.

Worst 4 foods to eat when you have diabetes are:
1. White rice:
The more white rice you eat, the greater your risk of type 2 diabetes. Those who eat the most white rice were at greatest risk for type 2 diabetes, and the risk increased 11% for each additional daily serving of rice.White rice and
pasta can cause blood sugar impales similar to that of sugar.
2. Fried foods:
Fried food is described as "little carbohydrate sponges soaked in fat." It is noted that starchy foods like potatoes, peas and corn are great sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, but skipping those with additional fat or sodium. You can verify your blood sugar two hours after eating to find out what effect any particular food has on your blood sugar.
3. Fruit juices:
Pair a glass of orange juice with your breakfast, and you may as well have sipped a can of soda—fruit juices are high in sugar and calories. It is also said that fruit juices contain preservatives which have high sugar content. Hence it will risk your blood sugar levels.
4. Energy bars:
Sports bars aren't totally off limits. They may seem like a healthful snack choice, but many snack bars contain high levels of sugar and carbohydrates. Focus for a balance of protein and carbohydrates with a little fat and wholesome ingredients.

Given above are just some ways in which one can control diabetes by your eating habits. If you want complete help then visit us at or call us at 020 66839777.